7 Ways To Motivate Yourself While Learning English

Wherever I go, Whatever I do, Whomever I talk to.. Everyone is just talking about English.. So what exactly is going on?

Hello Friends!!

Learning English is a mess, really. But it’s worth all the efforts that we put in.


Sometimes, It does feel like I’m lost – I can’t seem to find a way out.

All that depression and loneliness while practicing the pronunciation of words or remembering word meanings – It makes me worry too.


In this article, I will discuss about the different ways to motivate yourself while learning English. It’s gonna be a fun, I guess 🙂

Point 1 – Know Little Know Best

An interesting thing about knowledge is that it’s always relative. You can’t actually have all of it. There will always be something lacking in you. There will always be room for improvement.

Knowledge has a beginning – It however, has no end

It’s a stream of the divine – It would neither break, nor bend

You see, I don’t know everything – But whatever I do, I know at its best.


So I am here to tell you this, you may have less knowledge, you may be tired, you may be confused, you may be out of practice. Don’t lose hope. Keep practicing. You’ll succeed.

Point 2 – Learn Everything Step-By-Step

Yeah!! You read it correct. At times when I have to memorize a group of verbs before taking a test, I feel a bit nervous.


Because, I never believed in making notes. I used to think that note-making would make me slow and I’ll not be able to complete my studies in time.

Learning is all about bowing down to the books and getting the knowledge as a gift of your perseverance.

Be sure, not to repeat the mistakes I did in the past. You must value your resources by completing everything step-by-step.


Point 3 – Reward Yourself

You know what, I often feel bored after studying English Grammar for a stretch of 2 hours or more. Not only do I feel bored, I am filled with disgust too.

What do I do when that happens?

It’s a secret – but I’m telling you this. I go near the refrigerator and take out the chocolates hidden by my Mom. I take my time enjoying the taste of the chocolates melting inside my mouth. Tasty 😋


That’s how I reward myself for all the efforts I’m putting in towards learning English. Do try & tell me, how’d that feel.

Point 4 – Learn From Your Mistakes

To err is human!! As humans, we do a lot of mistakes in our daily lives. While learning English, I make mistakes as well.


In my early days, I didn’t want to make any mistakes. My friends laughed at me when I was in school.

My relatives used to tell me,”If you don’t know how to speak English, then don’t speak”. It made me sad and disheartened.

As of now, I practice so much that I see an opportunity of Learning more in every mistake that I do. For example:

  • It is already time that he start to serve food. (Incorrect)
    It is time, he started serving food. (Correct)

Reading and understanding is not enough. You should practice well to make it a part of your precious learnings.


Point 5 – Stop Trying To Think In English

Everyone keeps telling me to think in English. But I sincerely think that it’s not possible. I have spent a big part of my life talking to my parents and my siblings in my mother-tongue.

If you don’t think in English – You will never learn English.
(said by most lecturers, trainers and teachers)

It may be true for the native speakers. But, it’s not true for us. We think in our languages and our mind translates the sentence into English automatically.


Why not master the art of Translating instead of trying to do the difficult thing all the time. Learning English in itself is a hard-working affair. Albert Einstein truly says:

You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.
(yet 🙁 we’re judging ourselves by our inability to think in English)

I stopped thinking in English about 3 years ago. I have mastered the art of translating into English inside my mind. When are you gonna do that?

Point 6 – Be Responsive To Corrections

By now, you may have understood that it’s not simple to learn anything at all. When you make mistakes, there’s always someone to correct you.

It may be a book, a YouTube video, or any person on social media apps, that points out your mistakes. It fills us with anger. We sometimes ignore the correction and try to move on.

Ignoring your problems and moving on – isn’t the solution

Accepting your problems and working on – makes the solution

If I make a mistake in English, and someone corrects me. I feel awkward too, but at the same time, I feel grateful that I’ve been corrected. I hope you do the same.

Point 7 – Be Proud of Yourself

Alok!! I am already working hard enough. I accept all your points. I keep note of my mistakes. I memorize and revise all the key-concepts daily.

But I still feel that I’m not improving at all. After each failure, I think I’m not fit to learn English. What should I do now?

Be Proud.

Be Proud that You’re Growing.

As slow as it may seem, scroll up and check the 2nd Point – Learn Everything Step-by-Step. That’s the whole point of it.

Just believe in every step that you’re taking. And simply, be proud of yourself.


I believe you were able to understand everything clearly. If you face any problems as such, feel free to tell me in the comment section below. Hope to see you again soon.
Keep learning!!
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  • Very nice article l, my wife is Australian and she always insults me and tells me you trash minded never gonna learn this f language, but one day I’ll prove her that it is possible!

  • You have done splendidly ,thank you for your help to making me knowledgeable 👍👍


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