There are certain groups of words in English, that indicate an action, either in spoken terms (or) in the informal context. They are called phrases (or) phrasal verbs.

Here, a cat may look at a king, is one such phrasal verb. Let’s move on to understand its meaning, along with some sentence examples.

  • Someone who is inferior in any form is not totally restricted in how they behave in front of a superior.
  1. Her boss had just entered but she still went on break. This cat looks at the king on a daily basis.
  2. He talks to his wife in a way that a cat may look at a king.
  3. A cat may look at a king but for you to tell your boss that he is not being fair to you seems impossible.

I believe the above explanation helped you understand the meaning of a cat may look at a king, perfectly well. Keep Learning!!

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