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Difference Between Accept and Except

There are many words in the English Language with similar spelling (or) pronunciation but having different meanings.

Here, accept and except form a pair of Confusing Words. Let’s move on to find out the difference between the two.

Meaning of Accept

to take (or) receive something

to agree to something

Meaning of Except

with the exclusion of

not including (or) other than

For Example:

  1. The report had everything except the bad results.
    You need to accept the results of your actions.
  2. I never made fun except to tease her.
    She used to accept all my jokes casually.
  3. There was nothing in the cupboard except a box chewing gums.
    I would accept anything to eat.


Learning English is full of confusion. As you study, You will come across many such differences.

I believe the above explanation helped you understand the difference between the two words perfectly well. Keep Learning!!

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