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Difference Between Acetic and Ascetic

There are many words in the English Language with similar spelling (or) pronunciation but having different meanings.

Here, Acetic and Ascetic¬†form a pair of Confusing Words. Let’s move on to find out the difference between the two.

Meaning of Acetic

  • relating to (or) containing acetic acid

Meaning of Ascetic

  • someone who practices meditation

What’s The Difference:

  • My stomach feels acetic after having the burger.
    I wanna be an ascetic now that I can’t eat a burger.
  • More acid creates an acetic situation.
    Being an ascetic is as difficult as it looks.


Learning English is full of confusion. As you study, You will come across many such differences.

I believe the above explanation helped you understand the difference between the two words perfectly well. Keep Learning!!

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