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Difference Between Affect and Effect

Homophones are the words having similar spelling (or) pronunciation but with different meanings.


Here, Affect and Effect form a pair of Homophones. Let’s move on to find out the difference between the two.

What does affect mean?

▪ to influence, to have an effect on something or someone.

  1. The cold air began to affect my health.
  2. The drought affected a large part of the district.

▪ to touch the feelings

  1. The death of his siblings affected him badly.
  2. She affects too much innocence.

What does effect mean?

▪ the result of an action

  1. Internet produces a bad effect on the youth.
  2. Drugs have fatal effects on human body.
  3. The protest had no effect on the Government.

▪ to accomplish; to achieve

  1. The new machines helped the company to effect more sales.
  2. The Prime Minister has effected many policies in 2 years.

What’s the difference?

  1. Affect acts as a Verb while Effect acts as both a Verb and a Noun.
  2. Pronunciation of Affect: ah-fe-ct
    Pronunciation of Effect: ih-fe-ct
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