Difference Between Brewed and Brood

Here, Brewed and Brood form a pair of Confusing Words. Let’s move on to find out the difference between the two.

Difference Between Brewed and Brood

There are many words in the English Language with similar spelling (or) pronunciation but have different meanings.

  1. He brewed his own beer at home.
  2. We say nothing while she brewed herself a pot of cherry almond.
  3. Mary made her special brewed to take the swelling down.
  4. Wait until the tea is brewed.
  5. She brewed us some tea.
  1. It’s no need to brood over inflation.
  2. She grew up amidst a lively brood of brothers and sisters.
  3. I continued to brood. Would he always be like this?
  4. She must remember them, but not brood on them.
  5. One would construct alternative scenarios, and brood about them.

Learning English is full of confusion. You can clear all your doubts with regular practice and hard work.

I believe the above explanation helped you understand the difference between the two words perfectly well. Keep Learning!!

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