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Examples of Simple Future Tense

Affirmative / Positive Sentences

  1. I shall go to market tomorrow.
  2. Vimla will cook the food.
  3. He won’t do this work today.
  4. We shall eat mangoes today.
  5. The will go to Jaipur.
  6. He will write a letter.
  7. You will go to school tomorrow.
  8. I shall play football.
  9. We shall sleep at night.
  10. He will go for a walk today in the evening.
  11. I shall read this book today.
  12. I shall come here tomorrow.
  13. He will go to India tomorrow.
  14. You will help your friends.
  15. The peon will ring the bell.
  16. We shall help you tomorrow.
  17. She will learn her lesson today.
  18. They will help you tomorrow.
  19. The peon will clean the room.
  20. It will rain today.

Negative Sentences

  1. I shall not buy a TV.
  2. He won’t go to Agra.
  3. They won’t come tomorrow.
  4. Ram won’t play.
  5. We won’t attend the party.
  6. I shan’t help you.
  7. You won’t work here.
  8. We shan’t go there.
  9. They won’t do this work.
  10. He won’t call you.
  11. She won’t sing a song.
  12. It won’t rain today
  13. Ram will never steal your book.
  14. Shyam won’t write a letter today.
  15. They won’t sleep in this room tomorrow.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Will he help you?
  2. Will you play cricket?
  3. Will he ever come here?
  4. Will they now never sleep here now?
  5. Will he write a letter?
  6. Will she go to Kanpur?
  7. Will it rain today?
  8. Will Mukesh go to Delhi today?
  9. Will the peon ring the bell today?
  10. Will they go with you?

Negative Interrogative Sentences

  1. Won’t he help you?
  2. Won’t you play cricket?
  3. Won’t he ever come here?
  4. Won’t they come here now?
  5. Won’t he write a letter?
  6. Won’t she go to Kanpur?
  7. Won’t it rain today?
  8. Won’t Sukesh go to Delhi today?
  9. Won’t the peon ring the bell today?
  10. Won’t they go with you?
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